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  • Path of Blood

    Path of Blood


    Video footage from Al Qaeda, shot by themselves, video seized by government forces. Now we get to see it. Starts with bloopers from before suicide videos. It's funny as hell but we keep in mind these are the same motherfuckers that'll behead you with a dull knife, sit down and eat a whole lamb in the room next door with their children like its nothing. Gets darker and grislier as it goes along. Incredible footage, violent, disturbing. We watch the…

  • The Cured

    The Cured


    There's a lot of political subtext and social, you know, things but just as a horror film, it works. It's a deeply personal and emotional zombie film. How do you get forgiveness from your own family after being a zombie eating and fucking people up? Maybe zombie is not the right word, infected? Whatever the word. Point is that it keeps you in a state of tension. A deadly virus already caused a zombie epidemic in Ireland. There's a cure.…

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  • Starry Eyes

    Starry Eyes


    Sinister, dark, brutal, I fucking loved it. Alex Essoe gives a brilliant, punishing, literally, performance. Pat Healy plays another sleaze with Burt Reynolds stache and everything. The girl that played Britanny Murphy on that horrible Lifetime movie is here too. The two directors here directed the shit out of their own Hollywood story. They have vision, style and balls. The score is great also. Reminded me a bit of Mulholland Dr. Thanks Matt for the factoid.

  • Predestination



    The most ambitious film the Spierig brothers have done. And their best. They reteam with Ethan Hawke for this trippy, time travel adventure. Forget explaining anything about it. The joy is just to watch it unfold, expertly under the direction of the Spierig brothers. I wonder how they'll top this one. It's gonna be great. By the way, Sarah Snook gives one of the best performances I've seen this year in a brave, complicated and very moving acting job.