The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★★½

A very well done summer popcorn movie! It's nice that it did not follow the "origin" format, we do in effective small flashbacks, but we skip watching how he was raised, his teenage years on a montage or something similar. We meet Tarzan all grown up, facing an African crisis of greedy white slavers led by Waltz doing his bad guy enjoying being bad character,pillaging the Congo of its people, diamonds, minerals, whatever. Skarsgaard plays Tarzan perfectly. A nice mix of shyness, awkwardness and ferocity. Samuel Jackson is just there to be comic relief and Margot Robbie is a beautiful and capable Jane. It's dramatic enough, never boring and the action sequences are big and exciting. I had a blast with it. So it you like adventure stories and popcorn go see it. Better if it's a 3D one.

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