The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line ★★★★★

I don't remember which I saw first, this one or Saving Private Ryan. But how different this war film would be. I remember tearing up a lot while watching it. I remember thinking of how unnatural war is, how ugly killing a fellow human being must feel, how it stains your soul and how to live with it. Malick returned after 20 years to make this war masterpiece. This is one of the most emotional war movies I've ever seen. Excellent acting by the star studded cast. Penn, Nolte, Koteas, Mihok, Chaplin and crazy as a loon actor Jim Caviezel stand out in such cast. Forgot Nick Stahl and even Travolta were in this! The taking of a Japanese bunker by a few scared shitless soldiers has to be the most anxiety ridden, tragic and exciting battles ever filmed. The crazy violent sweeping up scene is another unforgettable sequence. Powerful final image. One of the best films from the past century.

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