The Tribe

The Tribe ★★★½

Yes, it's expertly done, it's brave, bold, everything good you wanna say it is. Its just that this movie lives in its own universe, where everyone is a deaf-mute and in my opinion diminishes it's power. Starts with a new kid recruited into a brutal gang that reside in a deaf-mute institute. They run prostitutes, rob, beat people up and do all kinds of shady shit. After one brutal robbery I was wondering how they want to maintain anonymous to do more crime. All you had to do was watch out for a bunch of mute motherfuckers wearing black jackets. Then I realized that everyone is a goddamn mute! I loved those tracking shots and everything about it but I would've loved it even more if it didn't exist inside it's own little vacuum. Oh wait, there's some people mumbling towards the end? Are they speaking?

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