• Palmer



    Good family drama. Good acting, good.

  • Don't Tell a Soul

    Don't Tell a Soul


    Not bad morality play about a guy trapped in a hole in the woods. Is he a good guy or bad? Two teens with a sick mom are in the middle of the dilemma. There's money involved, an alpha male brother, some tension and a good performance from Rainn Wilson.

  • Nobody



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Ilya Naishuller makes another ridiculous action masterpiece. His second one. Brutal, funny, cathartic even! Bob makes for a hell of badass. He's a boring dude that suddenly finds himself fighting the Russian mafia on his suburban streets. Fuckin Pat Benatar rules!

  • Quo Vadis, Aida?

    Quo Vadis, Aida?


    Another harrowing tale from the Yugoslav wars of the 90s. I couldn't believe when that was happening. Ethnic cleansing and mass murder in my lifetime. A stain on Europe's modern history. Aida is an UN translator when the Serbian army, army? They were death squads in camouflage shit. Salivating like wild dogs everyone seeking shelter at the Dutch UN base, a protected safe zone. Right...It's an anxiety ridden ride. With an explosive performance by Jasna Duricic as Aida. A gem about the best but mostly worst of humanity.

  • American Splendor

    American Splendor


    One of the best biopics from the 2000s. The directing duo has an intimate, charming style. Mixing the real people with the actors. Never comes across as gimmicky. The late comic book writer and VA hospital file clerk Harvey Pekar. A forever depressed sonofabitch from Cleveland. The love of his life Joyce played with nutty charm by Hope Davis. Judah does Toby Radloff. Very funny and touching. It had been a while since a rewatch. Love it.

  • Collective



    You can feel the rush of a newsroom on a full investigation, a shock to the system, the pressure, the exhilaration, the dread and the danger. A truly exciting journo doc.

  • The Mole Agent

    The Mole Agent


    This was excellent. In Chile a private investigator hires an old man to take him deep, deep, deep undercover into a nursing home to uncover if there's some rotten crap going on. The thing is so sweetly comic and heartbreaking. I can never be a spy, this gave me agita! The stress of being undercover among the elderly makes me nervous imagine undercover with cartel members or the mafia? The old lady in love, the one that has light fingers, the one with the poems, all of them lovely. I hope it wins the Oscar.

  • Mohawk



    I had like 3 false starts with this movie. Starts with some very clunky acting and a crappy opening. But because I love the director's first film I powered through and I'm glad I did. Started getting better as it plays along. Some clunky acting was met with some decent acting and the film started gaining power. It's not The Last of the Mohicans nor Apocalypto but it's not shit either. By the end I was fully committed and enjoying every dark minute of it.

  • The 7th Day

    The 7th Day


    Small rural towns in Spain. It's the 80s. Well, 1990. People over there know each other and insane blood feuds are kept and executed in the name of honor, family, land or plain old craziness. A bloody, brutal ending. Based on a true story. Damn!

  • Watchdog



    Peru, 2001. An amnesty covers all military personnel and even civilians for any crimes involving the 1990s war on terror. A haunted ex soldier works as a hitman. His sanity is rapidly fading between jobs. A scary character study downward spiral flick.

  • Crazy Samurai Musashi

    Crazy Samurai Musashi


    Tak has a 77 minute swordfight, no cuts, against 400 dudes. One for the action movie history books.

  • Volley



    It's a nice movie. The hell...