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  • Diane



    It's all about the last act in life. Diane deals with a drug addict son, dying relatives and friends, feeding the poor and for some it might constitute misery porn but Mary Kay Place gives such a lovely performance that I didn't feel it as such. Hard truths from real life and stuff. It's good.

  • The Limehouse Golem

    The Limehouse Golem


    Victorian times in London were kind of fucked up. There's horrific murders being committed there. An actress arrested for allegedly poisoning her husband finds that her dead husband is suspected of being the one murdering up a storm on the streets. Very well crafted movie, production wise is gorgeous. The fog filled streets, those dark, decrepit alleys, there's beauty in those decaying buildings. Sometimes it gets incredibly gory and still doesn't lose an inch of its elegance. You can probably see the twists a mile away but I ain't complaining. Not great but pretty good.

  • Unorthodox



    A first rate limited series. Great acting, great everything.

  • How to Fix a Drug Scandal

    How to Fix a Drug Scandal


    Distressing documentary about people on sensitive occupations without the maturity to handle their responsibilities and obligations that come with the job. One a drug testing chemist taking more drugs than she was testing and another one an attention seeking dummy that was racing through the tests fast in record time, by not testing shit. What's more troubling is government officials insisting and resisting how to fix it before its too late. Took years, lives and the courage of a group of lawyers to turn it all around.

  • The Way Back

    The Way Back


    Ive never seen a better performance from Ben. He's Oscar worthy as Jack Cunningham. He's a construction worker and a functioning alcoholic who gets a surprise offer to coach a high school basketball team from his former high school where he was once a basketball star. He takes the job and begins to give some kind of structure in his life. What I love the most is how director Gavin O'Connor fills the film with honest emotion and skips sentimentality.…

  • 11 Minutes

    11 Minutes


    From legendary director Jerzy Skolimowski comes one of those different characters coming together for different reasons in one particular place and time genre. But under Jerzy's direction you'll be dazzled at his style and amazing camerawork. Those last 11 minutes blew me away. You either laugh or you'll be wowed. I laughed a little but I was mostly wowed.

  • The Gentlemen

    The Gentlemen


    Convoluted as a motherfucker but it all makes sense. Ritchie is a great director and he knows his genre well. A marijuana farm, the American who owns it and a bunch of cunts wheeling and dealing to get it all and be the last man standing. I thought it was gonna suck. I loved it. No apologies.

  • Pooka Lives!

    Pooka Lives!


    Nice sequel to Pooka from the Into the Dark series. This time we have a writer that's forced to go back home after an onslaught of internet influencers ruin his life. He retaliates by making a Pooka challenge, it goes viral, then Pooka lives and kills again! Bloody, funny and the last act goes into rollercoaster mode.

  • Born Innocent

    Born Innocent


    Groundbreaking tv movie that changed tv standards forever. Blair is heartbreaking as a runaway 14 year old that winds up in a reform school practically abandoned by her horribly dysfunctional family. Her first shower at the reform school is so sad and powerful. Dead on portrait of garbage parenting skills and tone deaf juvenile institutions that believe that being brutally strict leads to a child changing for the better. Scary, compassionate, just a frightening experience.

  • Saint Jack

    Saint Jack


    Ben Gazzara is magnificent man! He's Jack, an American pimp in Singapore. He knows everyone, quick with drink and a smile and some pretty ladies. First time for the late great cinematographer Robby Muller. One of Bogdanovich's best films. Brilliant character study. A masterclass in naturalistic acting by Gazzara. On Prime. Check it.

  • Nick the Sting

    Nick the Sting


    Lighter con man vs mobster tale from Fernando Di Leo but man, its entertaining as hell! Luc Merenda and Lee J. Cobb are good as deadly adversaries. The big con is on to get even against the powerful mobster. Nick's mom is a hoot having the time of her life playing in her son's scam/revenge.

  • Low Tide

    Low Tide


    This is around the 80s, Jersey shore I guess it is. 4 young teens burglarizing homes, being young punks, unsupervised, they rob something very valuable and way over their teen heads. A talented young cast shines, nice directorial debut.