Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

Somehow, I'm going back through Twin Peaks chronologically...which I know will make even less sense once I've finished.

Read The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer yesterday, waiting on The Secret History to come through the letterbox, so watched this to fill the gap.

Yeah...this is not the film everyone was hoping it would be at the time. I must admit, the first time I saw it, it was more frustrating than anything else.

Now, when I take a step back from it, FWWM is an absoutely harrowing film about a girl who is slowly going insane.

It's such an assault on the senses, building and building before going balls out towards the end, it's so much fun to watch everything unfold.

David Bowie complaining about being locked in a room, Sutherland spilling coffee on himself, a lot of cream corn, that fucking monkey that I always know is coming but makes me jump anyway.

I always thought that the scenes of Laura in the bar were a bit too much, but after reading Secret Diary...they're pretty tame.

Still, they maybe press the idea that she's gone bad a bit too hard.

It's probably one of Lynch's best films. At least, it's one of the few where I've always find something new to love whenever I watch it.

This time, it was the murder itself. What a nightmare.

Lynch's direction in that scene, the editing, the lighting, it all comes together and does justice to something that viewers had wanted to see as soon as Laura washed up, wrapped in plastic.

Sheryl Lee is amazing in this movie, too. Her performance is what makes this movie great, really.

I mean, she hadn't had much of a chance to stretch herself in the show, but she plays a paranoid junkie abuse victim so convincingly that I just had to Google her to make sure she was alright.

Also, how can Lynch make a shot of someone stood behind a dresser be ine of the scariest things I've ever seen.

In retrospect, I wanted closure when I first saw this. Now I watch it for the escapism. It's truly the definition of 'dream like''s more like a nightmare.

The most unnerving Lynch film to me, which is saying something.

EDIT: Because it's technically a special feature, I'll put Missing Pieces in here, too.

Again, watching the movie before means they make a lot more sense now. No idea why I didn't do that before.

But some of these scenes are incredible and show the humour Lynch pretty much removed from the film.

I don't think they'd have worked as well if they were put back into the film, but there are some great scenes that really do flesh out the story and even add more continuity with the pilot.

Cooper's introduction really should be in the film, though. As should his scene with Kiefer.

It even goes beyond the end of the series...I don't know if Season 3 will pick up on that stuff, I doubt it, being a deleted scene and everything, but it's still fun to see.

And it's fun to see all the characters from the show, but I'll admit that putting them in wouldn't help with the pacing.

I would watch Leo clean his kitchen in real time, though, no problem.

Great stuff. A breezy 90 minutes of Twin Peaks, some of which is tonally more in line with the show, at least in the cameos from the other characters

Also, screw it. Five stars. With the Missing Pieces, this is David Lynch and his complete vision for Twin Peaks.

I'm on the hype train for Season 3 until the end of the line.