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  • The Verdict
  • Jesus of Montreal
  • The Loveless
  • Streets of Fire

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  • The Power of the Dog


  • Thugs of Hindostan


  • The List of Adrian Messenger


  • The Guns of Navarone


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  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    The lies we tell ourselves, and the lives we live as a result.

    Everyone in this film has an uncomfortable existence because they are not free to be themselves. Which is ironic considering the backdrop of the open range of a new West (Montana) in America. A place where a man could find unadulterated freedom. That was the idea. The landscape bares that out. Vast open planes, untouched by civilization. Wild and free. This is isn't set in a time…

  • Thugs of Hindostan

    Thugs of Hindostan


    A bloated historical epic, heavily influenced by the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Full of action set pieces, however none of them feel particularly dangerous or impactful.

    Aamir Khan plays Firangi, a charming yet backstabbing rascal who would sell out his own mother if the price was right. He is the Captain Jack Sparrow analog. Amitabh Bachchan (the GOAT) plays Khudabaksh, a resistance fighter of mythic proportions. Fatima Sana Shaikh is Zafira. She plays a princess whose father (the king)…

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  • Stalker



    I know this will not be a popular opinion, but I did not like this film.

    I found it a crushingly ponderous existential meditation.

    The film's plot is about a man who is a "stalker". This means that he is a bit of a tour guide to a location or realm called "the zone". The Zone is explained in the film, but only vaugely. We know it is supposed to be a place where wishes come true. The stalker is…

  • Garden State

    Garden State



    Take every bad review that you have ever read about a Wes Anderson film and apply it to this movie. This is quirk for quirks sake.

    A lot has been said about the great soundtrack. I agree, the music on the soundtrack is fantastic. I also feel the same thing about the soundtrack from the film DAZED AND CONFUSED. And I also feel that both soundtracks are obvious and overwhelming.

    This movie drowns in its mise-en-scène. It has a…