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  • The Mummy Returns

    The Mummy Returns

    Really just complete garbage.

    So apparently the events of the first film changed Rachel Weisz's character from a doughy librarian into an adventuring sex pot.

    I just finished the movie seconds ago, and I honestly can't tell you what it is about. Imhotep is brought back to life again, and is paired up with the reincarnated body of Anck Su-Namun. They want something. There is a Scorpion King, who is dead, and gets brought to life. He doesn't seem to…

  • The Golden Coach

    The Golden Coach


    Forget a love triangle, this film has a love trapezoid.

    Three men vie for the affections of a displaced Italian actress in a South American colony. The woman, Camilla, played by Anna Magnani, is fiery and passionate in way that will eventually spell out trouble for her.

    The first man, Felipe appears to truly love her for who she is, but is enraged by her flirtation with the other men. He runs off to join the war effort.

    The second…

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  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    DDL brought to life one of cinema's most memorable characters, horrifying and sympathetic.

    Johnny Greenwood created a complex, neurotic, and mesmerizing score.

    Robert Elswit shot a film rich in texture, specific in pallet, and gorgeous beyond belief.

    Dylan Tichenor cut a film in a way that could have told the story simply through edits.

    PTA wrote a script that is obtuse and defiant. It is dense, yet accessible. Its a period piece / character study/ parable / cautionary tale /…

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    World building. This is what I take away from CHILDREN OF MEN. Alfonso Cuaron did such an amazing job of developing the world in which these characters live, that it is hard to think of them anywhere else, even though they are not that far removed from the world we live in now. I'm not a huge fan of BLADE RUNNER, but Ridley Scott did the same thing there.

    Of course this film is visually stunning, if not a bit…