2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

This is the third time I have logged this movie on here. The first time I felt, as I feel now, completely inadequate in my abilities to communicate my thoughts, feelings, and appreciation for this film. This resulted in a review of about 5 single word adjectives to describe the movie.

My second "review" was more of an explanation of the conditions in which I saw the movie. I watched a pan-and-scan version on a 6" airplane seat monitor. That was about the worst condition I can imagine watching a movie like this in, yet its distinguished and majestic qualities shone through.

Last night, I went to my local IMAX (Lie-Max to be more precise) and saw the film digitally projected on that massive canvas. With this viewing I noticed the model work more. I was more drawn into the horrific elements, post-intermission. The score really drilled into my head. It was just as obtuse, bombastic, and impenetrable as ever. And I loved it all the more for it. The star gate sequence was absolutely hypnotic on the IMAX screen.

I should note that the show time started at 10:00pm, after what was already a long day. I fought off sleep through a fair amount of the film, but I think that may have been the case with all of my last three viewings. And that shouldn't reflect negatively on the film. Heck, a twilight-time semi-sleep mental space might be the best way to watch this film.

One last note. There was a gentleman in the lobby who spoke to me after the movie. He wasn't in the audience. The theater only had me and one other guy, sitting two rows in front of me. This person in the lobby must have stuck his head in the theater for only a few minutes.

He asked me, "Where did that baby come from"? That question caught me off guard. I was already tired, and I didn't feel like getting into a really deep conversation. I said something about how the star child is either bringing peace to a violent universe, or he is meant to symbolize a further advancement in human kind. The guy then said, "Ok but you still need a sperm and an egg to make a baby. I didn't see no women on that space ship". I swear to you he was completely serious. All I could say was, "I didn't either".

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