Black Panther ★★★★

One of, if not the best MCU movie yet. "Why" you ask? Because it doesn't function like the cookie cutter superhero movie. Because it is set in a fictional location that looks and feels like it could be real. Because the characters (nearly all of them) have motivations that spur on their actions, not simply narrative / plot mechanics. Because of the details and attention to those details. The world seems lived in and thought out. Things mean things in this world. The details serve a purpose. Because the cast is filled with black faces. Faces that inspire and speak to an underserved audience, hungry for representation. Because the action is entertaining, and linked to the story. Not much in the film feels superfluous or bound by the greater comic universe. The villain wants the same thing the hero does, he just has a different perspective on how to achieve that goal. It is very Professor X / Magneto (also MLK / Malcolm X).

My complaints? Perhaps the movie is a bit too "Lion King", when it should have been more Hamlet. That is about it.