Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge!

You know your movie is in trouble when the most likeable character is a midget, dressed like a penis, played by John Leguizamo.

There is a scene where a mashup of the theme from The Sound of Music, the William Tell Overture, and Elton John's 'Your Song" is being shouted at you (sung by) Ewan McGregor inside the head of a giant elephant, decorated like an Indian palace.

The ultimate sin this movie conjures up is that it tries to provide a visual to repurposed lyrics from famous songs. This is the same problem I had with Across the Universe. I already have associations with those songs. Irreplaceable associations. It's not like when a movie uses a song to enhance a mood or tone. These films try to create the mood with sourced music. It is a barrier that I can not breakthrough.

Beyond that point, everything in this film is too much. If I was giving stars for visualization of concept to screen alone, this would be a 5 star film. But the reality is that this confetti cannon of a movie gave me a headache. I really couldn't wait for it to be over.

Also the lead character names are "Christian" and "Satine" ( Satan....get it?) ugh.