Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★½

There are very few mainstream films made now a days that are as unique and original as this. The editing alone is a reason to watch this movie over and over.
Its the story of a whiny 20 something rocker drifting through life, haunted by his last breakup. He dates a high schooler until the girl of his dreams comes along. Because he is weak and immature he strings the high schooler along while pursuing Ramona Flowers. Once he wins Ramona's heart, he then has to battle her 7 evil ex's.

The movie follows gammer logic. In that I mean that there seem to be levels to the movie. Each one harder than the next. This is becoming a more and more familiar trend in films today (THE RAID REDEMPTION), but here director Edgar Wright takes it to a whole new level. He adds video games sounds, and clips and lines of dialouge directly from some of his favorite games. He goes as far as to have coins falling when Scott beats an opponent.

The story does suffer a bit in order to adhere to this motif, as it does in most video games. The fights are very well choreographed, but they loose their playfulness and meaning as the film goes on. I bet much of the audience wandered why they were watching a young lethargic prick of a kid, and why they should care about his white/first world problems.

Not everything works in this film, but the things that do work through the roof. This is the type of movie I can through in when I want to space out and pass an afternoon away in an enjoyable way.

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