The Babadook ★★★½

I think ever since I saw THE EXORCIST I have been looking for an heir apparent to the horror crown. THE BABADOOK isn't quite accomplished enough for that, but it is a fantastic and terrifying film in the vein of THE EXORCIST.

This is the type of movie that Tim Burton should be making. The movie is so monotone in color, so creepy in tone, so visceral in execution, and so morbid in its very nature, that there is no way an American studio would have green lit this picture.

The film is about a widowed mother, whose former husband died in a car crash while taking her to the hospital to give birth to their only son. The sons birthday therefore is the anniversary of the husbands/fathers death. DARK!

The little boy, played wonderfully by Noah Wiseman, is obsessed with death and magic and monsters. The mother, also in a wonderful performance by Essie Davis, is struggling to cope as a single mother with a difficult child.

That is when the popup book called The Babadook appears in the boy's room. She begins to read it to him, but the child trembles in fear. He now has a new obsession, and its name if Babadook.

REPULSION is another good comparison film. The same sense of sexual repression and agoraphobia are captured in this film. The mother slowly goes mad as The Babadook moves form a fictional character in a creepy childs popup book into what may be an actual presence in the real world.

The sound design is great, the production design is awards level great as well. I like this film and will be scaring my wife by groaning Theeee Baaaaabaaaadooooooook for years to come.

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