There Will Be Blood ★★★★★

DDL brought to life one of cinema's most memorable characters, horrifying and sympathetic.

Johnny Greenwood created a complex, neurotic, and mesmerizing score.

Robert Elswit shot a film rich in texture, specific in pallet, and gorgeous beyond belief.

Dylan Tichenor cut a film in a way that could have told the story simply through edits.

PTA wrote a script that is obtuse and defiant. It is dense, yet accessible. Its a period piece / character study/ parable / cautionary tale / western.

He then put it all together to make a modern masterpiece and one of the greatest films of the past decade. In my eyes, this movie moves PTA beyond the wunderkind status of a Tarantino, Soderbergh, or even Coppala into the relm of master more in line with a Kubrick, Ford, and Wells. I know that is high praise, but I feel that this work earns all possible accolades.

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