Chinatown ★★★★½

The capacity that it has in combines various issues is undoubtedly successful,when I started to watch it,I thought it would focus on the investigative case,but immediately in the first minutes,I realized which would dedicate its time also to corruption,and a couple scenes later,to the romantic affair,the screenplay is fascinating,sometimes I felt witnessing the situations which private detective Gettis looks into,such fact is afforded for the seemingly unassuming clues imposed throughout the movie,in each dialogue with a new character,besides shows an admirable acumen of the screenplay,Jack Nicholson is amazingly smart and sarcastic,different of the detective stereotype from noir Era,certainly that is one among the reason why many people thinks which "Chinatown" subverted that film style,honestly,in my opinion this one is very competent as a noir or not.

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