The Killers

The Killers ★★★½

The non-linear timeline is addressed with so much quality that it allowed me to closely follow every new piece of the puzzle built by Reardon,understanding his train of thought when all scheme planned by the thieves was distinguished,permeating diversified points of view,it's hard to know who to trust,the treachery between members of the criminal organization is like a game which utilizes the most improved resources able to keep me paying attention with the objective of its screenplay be more comprehensive,and it doesn't disappointed me,even the personality of its lead role is great,he's serious as the profession demand,but living with people not linked to crime,he has a spontaneous relation based on mutual loyalty,the duo formed with the Lieutenant Lubinsky have a chemistry few times before seen by me (referring to two male heterosexual characters),it's a pity that the course of events isn't too pleasant,it lasts less than 110 minutes,but because of that I had the impression I was watching more than 2 hours of exhibition.