The Passenger

The Passenger ★★★★

One of the biggest controversial issues related to films is the absence of lines during a long period,here that aspect is present several times,when there's a sufficiently satisfying script,in my opinion it doesn't any importance,even more considering the reflexive or shocking moments of dialogues provided by it,being sensible and succinct in a way that few movies are able to be,contemplative sequences are unforgettable,that one using the window of the room where Locke was hosted (already in the surroundings of Barcelona) is a masterpiece,no sound effect,no editing,just the spontaneity of the occasion,I feel there living everything,the dry weather is like a character,strategically shown from the start to end,a smart concept which collaborated to its bucolic intention,and also maybe linked to counterculture.Despite the positive points,it still has limitations,but without making it repetitive.