• The Man Who Knew Too Little

    The Man Who Knew Too Little


    Bill Murray is great here,his role believing all the time to be participating in a staging yielded successful funny consequences,they trying to get out of trouble is another thing accomplished with creativity,sometimes being even cruelty sarcastic due to fatality of some specific scenes,besides being grumpy such as he is known.However there's no any remarkable,it just follows an apparent predetermined linearity,what harmed its engaging content conducted with insight by the director.

  • Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?

    Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?


    A modern version of German history written by the Brothers Grimm,all the time there's a doubt about Auntie Roo's principals (a I confess that it tricked me),Shelley Winters as usual is extremely convincing,her character for sure was a defiant mission because the phases experienced by the apparently nice lady are pretty distinguished,it's ironical that in the same year The Poseidon Adventure came out,but she performed an unforgettable woman who anyone would like to have as a friend.Execution of the screenplay…

  • Once



    Being a love story about couple who just met each other this really effective,besides the screenplay developing its characters in a solid and believable way,I think it's relevant to mention the suggestive camera angles,they were always dedicating focus on a possible romantic plot,a particular take on the street while a crowd was walking near to the two musicians is beautifully spontaneous,however,as a overall story,it didn't engage me during most part of its two last act,not even the execution of the songs did it,they're too monotonous,without any differentiated attractive,always following the same concept.

  • Dry Wind

    Dry Wind


    Set in Centre-West region of Brazil (which is also the most central point in South America),the location to expose a dry place couldn't be better,in amidst to this extreme weather,a fetishist underworld is revealed in countless ways throughout the routine of an employee experiencing an irrelevant social life,but when men willing to satisfy his desires cross his path,Sandro immediately changes how to behave,and the direction is a fundamental function to impose with casualness controversial themes what includes fairly explicit segments…

  • Sleep Tight

    Sleep Tight


    I'm not used to read synopsis and probably even if I had did it,surely its plot would remain being a mystery most of time,so many questions are suggested,like the identity of that woman visited frequently by the manager,especially why is César trying to ruin Clara's optimistic perspective,such confrontation was a great method to impose a terrifying atmosphere,all the time it's clear how stressed the sociopath is after each new frustrated attempt,in that way the viewers don't know what to expect,in…

  • Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult

    Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult


    The only one film from the trilogy which wasn't directed by Zucker,although Segal had competence to maintain a successful stability,his way to direct it is evidently divergent,not as funny as the previous ones,it's even able to provide a good time,but everything thanks to typical things already consolidated,now in an inferior level.The love relationship between Frank and Jane never made me laugh effectively,but here it's worse and more unnecessary,the parody based on Escape From a Alcatraz is the best of all…

  • Martin



    Before Maniac (1980) and Angst,one of the pioneers of the genre had already shown us the perspective of a villain,in both cases each serial killer has a limited number of lines,and their victims are exclusively women,but in this one there's a differential: he is a vampire! It's very effective as a horror released in a decade where from then on the genre would never be the same,because of that,peculiarities are obvious,emphasizing the fact of a mythical creature living next to…

  • Sometimes a Great Notion

    Sometimes a Great Notion


    The New Hollywood movement yielded so many dramas based on human bonds,this is one of them,dialogues which aren't only what is said adding more complexity to the story,and unhappy people repressed by their lifestyle determined its screenplay strongly influenced by the period,and I think it was an unique way to portray such themes,I don't imagine films released in posterior decades having a similar purpose,then I always get engaged watching something like that,not even the short experience of Paul Newman as…

  • Scream 4

    Scream 4


    "You'll slip,they always do"

    A brilliant resumption after 11 years since the last release,it's admirable that Neve Campbell even had the same accurate expressions which became her one of the most prominent final girls of all time,not only that aspect remained loyal to the film series but also some ironically predictable facts like the murderer trying to do another attack after apparently being immobilized,and some unsuspecting person suspiciously arriving at a place that has just been invaded by Ghostface,nevertheless,there are…

  • Scream 3

    Scream 3


    The idea of putting a supposed final Stab's sequel inside the environment of the fictional characters was a versatile thing,besides having an extreme level of metaphors.Here the trio responsible for the protagonism of the entire franchise is more solidified and stable,and the range of suspects is bigger than in previous sequel,but the possibilities decreases sharply,leaving the chance for a twist not before seen in the other two films,the discovery followed by a plot focusing on Maureen Prescott's personal life is…

  • Scream 2

    Scream 2


    If in the original the metalanguages are an accurately creative resource,here they're more frequent,since the introduction this is noticeable,the discussion about sequels during a class is iconic,the supporting characters aren't as developed as in the first one,but I think that it had an apparent intention: provide highlight centralize on the quartet of survivors,although the overall tension is inferior,the scenes sequence where Sidney and Hallie are getting out of the car in a risky attempt always puts me on the edge…

  • Sicario: Day of the Soldado

    Sicario: Day of the Soldado


    What a difference a decent direction makes,I had so many random thoughts while was watching this...Everything did sound too generic for me,it's the kind of sequel which nobody asked for,but it was created.The kidnapping besides being confusing is silly,simply none genre is elaborated with enough emphasis to present a content that is at least watchable,crime is nothing but what I've seen in better circumstances,action sometimes is executed in an appropriate situation,the dramatic issues are clichés and consequently forgettable,and thriller is…