The Place Beyond the Pines

The Place Beyond the Pines ★★★★★

"If you ride like lightning, your gonna crash like thunder."
After watch Drive about a week ago, it's hard to go into any Ryan Gosling film and be impressed. I wish I could make myself not compare anything he does to Drive, as that's an impossible standard to live up to. I thought this movie as going to be the contiation of the crash like thunder after the ride of lighting that is Drive. However, I was totally into this film. The way it switches between three story lines is artful and well done, and I'm very happy to see Dane DeHaan do another film after Chronicle. To name two things that I disliked about the film, before we get into anything more that was lovely, the shaky cam and the psychiatrist scene. Shaky cam shots are used in this film two or three times, and they are useless and distracting and I hate them. A more plot relevant point is that their is one scene, after Bradley Cooper's character has done a certain thing that causes him to go see a psychiatrist, she say's some deep and insightful things, and he realizes things about himself. In two minutes. The psychiatrist-as-a-plot-mover cliché is growing rapidly older for me, but at least this time there's some context for it. I loved the way the film made subtle and not-so-sublte allusions to the past stories, and the way it came full circle was fantastic. There's one scene in paticualar that struck me with it's power, and that was when some of Bradley Cooper's cop "friends" take him to go see some fans. If you haven't seen this movie, that sentence means nothing to you. If you've seen it, it means everything.

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