Star Wars: The Force Awakens ★★★★

I get that you’re a hungry scavenger in the desert, I really do, but is there any need to eat like that?, like is there any need to eat that loud?, I feel like at that point you’re forcing yourself to eat that horrible that you just would annoy yourself 

Stromtroopers aim was marginally better in this film, but I can’t believe now knowing that they’ve been trained in the art of combat their entire life and yet it’s still abysmal it’s even worse than boba fett in the Return of the Jedi.

This film definitely has better writing than rogue one but I don’t think it looks as good as rogue one. The humour and timing in this is the best of any yet, favourite part was when it just cuts to a storm trooper uninspiringly shouting hey, then getting shot resulting in him flying 10 feet back. 

 I think they captured Kylo Ren well, no one is truly scared of him and he has somewhat of an underwhelming presence compared to Vader, he’s so brash and wild that he lashed out which leaves him without that eery presence.