Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

A beautiful film about living fully the life before us, depicting how easily we fall into estrangement with ourselves and our emotions, our days and our loved ones. The film’s quartet yearn to be alive again and free themselves of that which keeps them distracted, dumb, and numb.

It is an exploration in the freedom of throwing off the inhibitions that keep us from engaging others and life with our whole being. For most of us, callousness grows through only living in the fear and pain of trying to keep what is already lost. Using these men, their friendships, and drinking these themes are weaved together with a surprising delicacy.

This film is touching without falling into the trope, earnest without glossing over the broken and ugly. Who knew Mads Mikkelsen getting absolutely shit-faced was such high cinema? I will never doubt his powers again. Vinterberg's direction is sure and the camera pushes us constantly to be with these men in their deeper struggle: the fight to live.

Top 5 films of 2020. Absolute best final scene in a 2020 film. I’ve watched it three times since.