Promising Young Woman ★★★★

A friend mentioned Get Out as we watched and It’s apt. It possesses razor sharp focus on an aspect of a group’s exploitation and suffering in our culture.  The heavily stylized story then revolves exclusively around the the exposure and damnation of that evil.

And it works for me. It’s surprising and jarring at points which is good, but also a little lost, some scenes or relationships not well developed at all.  But in the end this cut deeper than I expected for some of the mess beforehand. 

Beneath the candy, bubble gum pink aesthetic, a more stereotypical childlike “girls” aesthetic, is the sense of a simpler, clearer justice we all once held as children. What is obviously right and wrong wrapped in a fashion that is often deemed vapid and oversexualized in our society.  I could be wrong but I think this highlights how Cassie holds onto that first knowing of what’s obviously wrong rather than “growing up” or moving on as everyone keeps telling her to do. Because she refuses to let the evil done be ignored or forgotten despite all the of the rationalizing and explaining done around her to muddy and confuse the issue to that end. She cuts through others dismissal of her by showing people how their answers don’t satisfy the real pain of her questions when that pain is brought to their doorstep. 

Ultimately I think that’s the power of the film. How can we move on so easily, forget, repress, ignore the horrible suffering that woman often experience under the banner of “they were just kids” or “she was drunk”? This film doesn’t let you off the hook that easily. It troubles and hurts. And it should.

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