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This review may contain spoilers.

It's really hard to say that this is an action movie, but it is, in part. Of course, the great deal here is the awesome combination between action and drama, but I'd like to call it an action movie just to say that this was the best action movie I've ever seen.

I'm not exactly a Natalie Portman's work. Well, I wasn't. From now on, I think I need to watch this girl more carefully, her work here is amazing, this movie real shows that this girl has talent. Of course it's pointless to talk about Jean Roir, he rocks. His character here is not exactly common in action film, but he is really persuasive.

This is not the first time I'm watching a Luc Bresson film. But seems like it is. I've never seen so many interesting frames (with the possibly exception of The Fifth Element) and such a short narrative in his movies.

About the narrative, some detail must be written for the record. The metaphor of the plant is very good. No action movie has this pictorial quality nor this philosophical meaning. And I'm not saying this movie is deep or something, I'm saying it isn't stupid as most part of action movies. Of course the plant is Léon himself, but the interesting thing is that she is a green little plant when it was rootless and the last frame suggest that it has become a little forest, as if finding in his own death the love he had lost in life, he has also found freedom. Otherwise, the girl has also a psychological influence in him, she is as old as his girlfriend probably was, so she is indeed the love he lost and that he finds again in life.

The single detail of this movie can turns itself into action and drama is the greatest achievement it has, at least for me. It make it sounds real, specially because of the singular fragility of the protagonist. It has became a forest near the action little plants we see around.

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