The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★★

Although most of the people seems to admire this film for it's cinematography, I think that this film is much more than that.

First, how could it work without the sounds? The utilization of daily sounds in this film is brilliant. The music is completely touching and it makes a mesmerizing connection between reality and dream (if there is such a difference in this film).

Also, Veronique is probably the best female character I've ever seen in cinema history and I do like to analyze females in film. She has skin, flesh and bones and all it can possibly means. She crosses the definition of "believable" character to reach the level of a real character. Nothing in this woman is pushed or performed. Irène Jacob's work was awesome, she does not performs in any moment, seems to be completely comfortable in front of the camera and shows a truthful personality through her acting. What we see in the screen is pure truth, pure femininity in the eyes of this gorgeous woman.

Yes, the cinematography also deserves it's compliments. The idea of the little ball that reverses the world worked perfectly. The lighting is always so smooth and warm that makes you feel indeed like there is a match for each one of us in someplace in the world.

Probably that's the idea of the film, a meta-linguistic speech about the power only art has to break so many walls between two people.

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