The Woman in the Window ★★★½

It's funny that I'm seeing this today since I saw The Machinist yesterday and both films has their connection with Dostoievsky's literature and some of his themes like murdering, culpability, hard conscience and all.

Considering the aesthetic limits of the 40's, The Woman in the Window is a brilliant noir. However, I'm watching this on 2012 and my aesthetic considerations are far beyond it, coming from the storytelling limits to the acting that isn't spontaneous for sure. The plot has many flaws, being the major one the ending's twist that easily can make one say that it isn't noir at all.

The soundtrack, and it can't be forget, is awesome. Suspense movies tend to be vulgar in this singular aspect, but here the atmosphere of suspense is maintained by a powerful and quite original music background.

Still, The Woman in the Window holds his place as a classic due it's clever using of his time limits.

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