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  • Cherry


    Like the stupidest mood moments from Spike Lee’s entire stupid filmography stapled together with embarrassingly literal literary recitations from what I assume to be the dreadful source novel.

    The Russos are TV brats mimicking the movies they grew up with. This might as well be an extended and unfunny episode of Community. The trauma the characters go through is trite in its construction, that it’s meant to resonate with a popular audience is ridiculous—even bratty millennials aren’t this bratty.  The Russos are…

  • The Great Wall

    The Great Wall

    Shafts of light, color, and arrows compete for your approval under maestro Zhang Yimou’s bold direction. It’s the rare modern adventure picture (a swashbuckler perhaps a tad too chaste) that uses the genre to fulfill moral betterment and testify to the pleasures of cultural cooperation. It’s fun and much better than the Jurassic World movies.

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  • Mank


    Mank as empathy police patrolling the mean streets of Hollywood tsk-tsking all the wrong types of status signaling. Oldman channels Stephen Colbert to play the alcoholic screenwriter and it plays as badly as you'd imagine. The scowling "That's not who we are!" Obama era insipidness permeates every blown out *HI DYNAMIC RANGE* image. All the big moments feel like modern day shitthatneverhappened.TXT. I wonder if there was a deleted scene where Mank related his 7 year old daughter's distaste of…

  • Soul



    Another repulsive piece of fiction from Pixar. Soulless platitudes for the godless corporate audience. There’s no purpose, exclaims the elites (who harbor purpose and power only for themselves) and the bugman, in excruciating relief, cries tears of thanks. Liking this movie is tantamount to dancing for your sadistic master.