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Walter Przybylowski

Model. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Moviegoer.

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  • Saturday the 14th

  • King of the Mountain

  • Whiteout

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  • Saturday the 14th

    Saturday the 14th

    Deadpan spoof of so many sub-genres within the horror genre that you can’t imagine what kind of audience this obviously commercial endeavor was aimed at. Has a sort of goofy, chaotic charm.

  • King of the Mountain

    King of the Mountain

    Deborah Van Valkenburgh’s presence anoints this as an unofficial entry in her Walter Hill cycle. But it’s not just her that recalls Hill’s masculine explorations, it’s the chilled-out, slow boiling look at a trio of guys (friends) as they maneuver young adulthood—it’s how each one enters manhood and where those choices lead. It’s probably more fun than I’m letting on and Valkenburgh glows in all her scenes. Joseph Bottoms finds the perfect notes to sympathetically portray the excitable artist. Hamlin’s spacey demeanor and cavemanish features serve his character’s laconic detachment. It’s good! Watch it with STREETS OF FIRE or maybe THE LONG RIDERS.

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  • Mank


    Mank as empathy police patrolling the mean streets of Hollywood tsk-tsking all the wrong types of status signaling. Oldman channels Stephen Colbert to play the alcoholic screenwriter and it plays as badly as you'd imagine. The scowling "That's not who we are!" Obama era insipidness permeates every blown out *HI DYNAMIC RANGE* image. All the big moments feel like modern day shitthatneverhappened.TXT. I wonder if there was a deleted scene where Mank related his 7 year old daughter's distaste of…

  • Soul


    Another repulsive piece of fiction from Pixar. Soulless platitudes for the godless corporate audience. There’s no purpose, exclaims the elites (who harbor purpose and power only for themselves) and the bugman, in excruciating relief, cries tears of thanks. Liking this movie is tantamount to dancing for your sadistic master.