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  • The Post

    The Post


    The fact this was nominated for ‘Best Picture’ instead of Blade Runner 2049 is insulting. It’s so bland and boring and if it didn’t have cast or crew that it did, not a single person would give a shit about it.

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    This was the best film I got to see at BFI Fest. I love Yorgos Lanthimoses other films, I think The Lobster is one of the best genius movies ever made, The Killing Of A Sacred Deer is a bizzare and effective thriller/horror. I’m really glad that he’s finally getting enough attention to make bigger movies like this one. 

    The Favourite is in many ways, very similar to his other movies in terms of dialogue and tone, but the way…

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  • Night School

    Night School

    Kevin Hart be like...
    “I’m black lol!”
    “I’m short lol”
    “I’m weak lol”
    “I’m dumb lol”
    For almost 2 hours and it fucking sucks.

  • Venom