Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid ★★½

The year is 1997. The world is fucked. A kid finds a weaponised glove and an annoying pink-haired friend and attempts to free up the world's water supply from the clutches of a maniacal despot.

Taking the most egregious missteps of 80's teen adventure movies, smothering them in Jackson-inspired B-movie gore and recasting the whole mess as nostalgia, Turbo Kid is a sloppy dog's breakfast of a film that perfectly fits the midnight screening bill. To those who lap up this kind of fare, this will deliver (and then some) but I still need some steadier peg on which to hang my childhood memories.

If I were less fatigued, I'm sure the fountains of fake blood and inventive fatalities would have amused. I'm almost certain the proto-manicpixiedreamgirl would not have.

Fun better kept for a midlife crisis sleepover. On VHS. When very drunk.

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