My Man Godfrey ★★★★★

Carole Lombard is one of my favorite comedic actresses. I've seen only three movies of hers, and one wasn't very memorable, but here in My Man Godfrey she has delivered one of my favorite performances of all time in a movie filled with great performances. Here she plays Irene, the second most spoiled child in a well-off, but very dysfunctional family who spend too much money and take too little responsibility. One night she encounters a homeless man and soon has him hired as her family's butler and even sooner she has fallen in love with him. He doesn't take the bait though. When rebuffed she wanders the house like a wayward child bemoaning all the pain of her existence. William Powell's Godfrey does his best to ignore her dramatics as she places the back of her hand on her forehead in a 'woe is me' pose. It's a terrific scene. And I don't think I could ignore her so easily.

William Powell's a stronger man than I.

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