Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish ★★★½

Oh, Rusty James.

The character played by Matt Dillon is called Rusty James.

I am sure of this because in the first five minutes of the film everyone keeps saying his name, Rusty James.

It's like a mantra, Rusty James. Over and over, Rusty James.

It makes the first five minutes very hard to take seriously because Rusty James on repeat, again and again. The punctuation at the end of a sentence, Rusty James.

A communal vocal tic. Rusty James. Sets the tone of the film. Stylized and dreamy. Like the cast.

Young Mickey Rourke and Diane Lane are all sorts of beautiful, and Matt Dillon too, as Rusty James.

There's a rhythm and beauty to this film, Rusty James. A violence to it. A desperation and sadness, that you can only find in movies about youths like Rusty James.

Maybe I'm too old now to fully appreciate the story of Rusty James, but add his story to the list of stories I wished I first heard when I was younger. I would never have been a Rusty James, but I would have followed him all the way to the ocean.

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