The Awful Truth ★★★½

Irene Dunne is someone I know of but have never seen before. What I know of her I know very little, and now having seen her act I would like to know a lot more.

In the last act of this film she is a woman possessed, doing her damnedest to haywire her ex-husband's attempts at a new relationship. To be fair her ex-husband (played by Grant) did Dunne
no favors in the first half of the film with her attempts to move on.

The fault with the film is that is does feel like a movie of two halves, both comedy, just slightly different tones. But the halves are different enough that it makes the movie feel a bit too uneven for my liking (poor Ralph Bellamy simply disappears, though with a great last line). But being uneven, being of two halves... well I suppose that's appropriate for a comedy about divorce.

Faults aside, Grant is wonderful (I buy into his act all the time). And Dunne, well I hope to get much more familiar with her.

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