The House Is Black

The House Is Black ★★★★★

The teacher stares at the children.

"Why should we thank God for having a father and mother?" he asks.

The children are silent. They don't meet his gaze. He points at one child. "You, answer."

The child pauses. The teacher waits. The child looks down, responds.

"I don't know, I have neither."

And that is just one of the gut-wrenching moments in The House is Black.

The House is Black is a look inside an Iranian leper colony and it is an incredibly difficult movie to sit through without flinching. It is also amazing. The editing especially, jumping from one scarred face to the next, is so effective it never lets you have a moment of comfort. And more importantly it shows the colony's residents as human, not abstract victims of a biblical plague.

Truly gutting, amazingly powerful and astounding film making.

Thanks to @Arsaib for mentioning this to me the other day!

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