The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

This was a movie so full of little moments and performances and songs that I loved I found myself overlooking certain other problems, like pacing issues and jokes that fell flat (mind you I saw it in a theatre with maybe 10 other people and there were many times where it was just my wife and I laughing). The Nice Guys was not perfect, but damn if it didn't keep me entertained.

Here's some of, though not all of, what I enjoyed (in no particular order):

1. Angourie Rice (who was just the right amount or precocious, and who I thought I had seen before, and have in These Final Hourswhere she was also quite good).

2. Keith David.

3. Keith David's suit.

4. That scene where there's a car driving down the road and we see a billboard not only for Jaws 2 but also one for Airport '77. Best use of CGI in the film.

5. There are two allusions to Raising Arizona in the film. One, when a paint bomb goes off turning a character blue. Two, when a character accidentally pulls the pin on a villain's grenade.

6. Ryan Gosling, upon discovering a dead body, does a decent Lou Costello impression.

7. A well-timed van.

8. A backyard celebration interrupted.

9. The callback to LA Confidential. Shane Black really steeps this movie in other movies (including his own, as the party scene here reminded me of Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and the opening reminded me of Lethal Weapon's beginning).

10. Earth, Wind, and Fire.

11. Jessica not getting off the phone.

12. Richard Milhous Nixon: Harbinger of The End.

13. "Did I dream that?"

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