Parasite ★★★★★

(this review doesn’t contain any spoilers, but i wouldn’t suggest reading it unless you’ve seen the film: i went in completely blind and i think that’s the best way to experience this film)

the only two things me and my boyfriend could say to each other for about 5 minutes after the credits starts rolling were “oh my god” and “holy shit”. i think those phrases are the best way to summarize this experience. this is bong joon ho’s masterpiece. from about the middle of the second act on, you are on the edge of your seat and that tension isn’t released until the last fade to black. at the beginning, i wasn’t quite sure what the hype was about, but by the end i was convinced i’d never seen anything better. there’s absolutely no way anybody could predict how this film ends, and looking back on it, there are a bunch of metaphors i didn’t realize were metaphors at the beginning. i wanna watch this a million times over. and then watch it a couple other million times to pick up on what i missed.

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