Tenet ★★★★½

bitch what the fuck!!!!! this was incredible. i was completely hooked the entire time, which is not something that happens often with me and movies. while the sound is as bad as everyone is saying it is (some of the lines are just unintelligible) it definitely isn’t as confusing as people are making it out to be, you just have to give it your full attention which i think is something people aren’t used to doing nowadays with films. 

obviously this isn’t nolan’s best (inception and interstellar can’t be touched) i do think he’s gotten a little cocky (calling jdw’s character the protagonist instead of giving him a real name, that dumbass “we live in a twilight world” thing) but i think what this is gonna do for the film industry is almost more important than the film itself. after this, people are gonna be sick of the formulaic action film. people are gonna ask more of franchises like marvel, and while marvel has proved that they’re not very good at messing with time, the-post tenet industry is going to ask them to step up their game. and that thought alone makes this easily the best film of 2020 thus far. 

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