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  • Tenet



    There's a reductive tendency to view Nolan's work and to demand coherence and legibility. Because Nolan deals with scientific concepts like the physics of space and time or the astrophysics of black holes and wormholes, he himself often consults professionals to refine the accuracy of his films. When Inception or Interstellar were released, viewers were propelled to similarly dabble in research of their own, following celebrity scientists and amateur Youtubers to decipher the math and make sense of the logic.…

  • Interstellar



    What a one-eighty! The last time I watched Interstellar I hated the experience. As a young self-proclaimed rationalist, I used to think this movie forsook the choice between rationality and irrationality by having the Hollywood happy ending where they achieve both the humanism of Plan A (build an ark for the remaining humans on Earth) and utilitarianism of Plan B (reset civilization with a population bomb).

    Upon revisiting, it becomes clear that the film is less about choices within ethics…

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  • Parasite



    Aristotle wrote that metaphors by analogy are most well-liked, and it’s not hard to see why through the case of Parasite. It’s a digestibly biting piece of class commentary in classic Bong Joon-Ho fashion. The film follows the broke and unemployed Kim family as they infest their way into working for the affluent Park family. The delectable pleasure of a scam turns sour once a seedier class below the Kim's (literally) is revealed and gnaws through their ruse.

    Which demands…

  • Mountains May Depart

    Mountains May Depart


    I adore the fluidity by which Jia cuts narrative! Mountains applies the same logic as A Touch of Sin, bridging different narrative components through encounters, arrivals, and departures, but is much more strengthened by the endurance, promise, and return of time. Everything has changed but some things remain the same. Mountains may depart, relationships may endure.

    P.S. Only Sylvia Chang could do that... queen.