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  • Burning



    When Jongsu and Haemi are fucking and while thrusting Jongsu catches the light reflecting from the Namsan tower into Haemi's closet.  The flame gently fades: "You have to be lucky to catch the light."

  • Maya



    Maya is more interesting as how it relates to Mia Hansen-Løve last film (Things to Come) than how it stands alone. The constant in Hansen-Løve's work is life passing itself by, and she seems to have let it seep out of the diegeses. Her practice has become a gestalt of shifting moods and temperaments with each film informing the next. The result? A film more concerned with exploring the contexts the character is burdened by—or the refusal to be burdened by them—than with shaping their own context.

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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    You choose your truth.

    And within institutional infrastructures (of capitalism and race), what is truth but the power of choice?

  • Halloween


    The latest entry into the Halloween franchise firmly situates itself in the #2018 present with shots of boba tea, guacamole, and a lengthy conversation about banh mi sandwiches. Small town Illinois has clearly grown up.

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  • Revenge



    A revenge film that really delivers. 

    Mad Max meets Kill Bill plus drugs.

    So much gore that someone literally had a seizure during the screening.

    To think about: camp, male gaze, directorial authority over women's empowerment (Death Proof male directed female revenge flic and Revenge female directed female revenge flic, is it subversive because it's female?), a weak character just trying to survive what life throws at her and manages to come out strong

  • Whiplash



    It's as if Gordon Ramsay became a musician.