2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Happy 23rd birthday HAL!

Time started watching: 11 pm.
State of mind: Not tired enough to sleep, probably too tired to watch and really enjoy 2001: A Space Odyssey. I actually wanted to watch it earlier in the evening, but I couldn't convince my friend. Shame on him (even if I did enjoy watching Rush)!

Time started writing: 2.15 am.
State of mind: Still not tired enough to sleep, definitely too tired to write anything coherent.

Since this isn't supposed to be an actual review (and I don't think I'd dare write one for Letterboxd), here are a few of my very scattered thoughts during the viewing:

1. When I started the movie, I had entirely forgotten the first minutes of blackness and the strange music composed by György Ligeti before the MGM logo (I guess you could call it an overture?). It caught me completely by surprise and it somehow resulted in an eerie sensaton that wouldn't let go of me thrughout the movie. Therefore I found the whole movie quite creepy (that feeling doesn't normally start before we are introduced to today's birthday child).

2. Why does the TV screen in the moon shuttle show a judo match?

3. Why does Dr. Floyd need to read the instructions for the zero gravity toilet so carefully? Shouldn't it be routine for him to pee in space?

4. Even after having seen 2001 so many times, I'm really not sure I would recognise Dr. Poole if I were shown a still photo from the movie with him in it. Somehow it is only Dr. Bowman's appearance that I can remember.

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