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  • Song to Song

    Song to Song


    "Only this."

  • Golden Boy

    Golden Boy


    Take away breasts, and what have you? A boy on his bicycle and staring at what, asses? Fuck off; I am a boobs man. Kitakubo is, too, it seems. He takes the most rudimentary animation model and designs an extraordinary triumph; one to make you laugh and feel all over. The gentle ensemble of the perverted senses turns into a kinetic awakening of the most educational subject there is – life – a liberating and ecstatic virtue through a journey…

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  • Arrival



    | Repercussions of Violence |

    "The Hungarian word that Halpern refers to is "szalámitaktika." (In English, this translates to "salami tactics.") The word refers to divide the opposition, to only have to face smaller, weaker enemies."

    If the clouds envelope the mountains, why is it? If the river never stops flowing, why does it not? Where does hate stem from and why does love not supersede it? Bonds aren't as easily made as they're broken. The shadows are the accolades…

  • Sicario



    | Repercussions of Violence |

    The apex is afar and the boundaries have been moved. Words as sharp as a blade and terror that frightens every living soul. The atmosphere is an ounce less of the hydrogen it requires to combust and take everyone with it. But no, Alejandro says no. Even if the sky is bright, all you can see is darkness; darkness that has shattered order and diffused chaos among the despicable statures of drug lords. Background goes…