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  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding


    Wonderfully quotable, deliciously off-kilter, and beautifully romantic, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of the best fairly formulaic romcoms possibly ever released. The sacrifices Ian is willing to make for love really are great examples of exactly what you do as a spouse, and it's one of the things that ends up binding you to each other. Tula's transformation was actually very believable in comparison to most that I've seen, and I love the family dynamic that the two…

  • Rock of Ages

    Rock of Ages


    Oof, this is a tough one to rate. It almost passes because of the performance by Tom Cruise and the great renditions and medleys of some great rock by the cast, but the other performances are generally wooden and the story is as generic as it possibly can be. Cruise really channels the self that he pushed in the film Magnolia here, but as if that guy were a drugged up psychopath and it plays for admittedly pretty good comedy.…

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  • Tomorrow Never Dies

    Tomorrow Never Dies


    Tomorrow Never Dies is able to successfully hold on to some of the intrigue and style from Goldeneye, even if it misses the mark a bit in comparison. Jonathan Pryce's character is a good look at how media not only controls a vast section of politics, but also create news in order to make guaranteed money from guaranteed, manufactured viewership. There are some editing flops and cheesy lines, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this Bond…

  • Stalker



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Definitely a film that makes you think. Cinematography among the best I've ever seen, but at the same time I think that most of the scenes lingered too long. It is one thing to pause for gravity and emphasis, it's another to be sitting at a crossroads, not moving and just staring at what is basically a slightly moving picture in a film. The sepia contrast images were just beautiful, and really the whole film is beautiful from an art…