A Cottage on Dartmoor ★★★★

An incredibly sad tale. I ended up watching this with the film muted for the first bit, and then added in a dark piano score from youtube, and it worked beautifully. I think to sync them up I started www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziQ9GURNrUg , a series of songs written by the youtuber Lucas King, at around the 22:48 mark of the film. Absolutely haunting, and really enhanced the experience. The film itself is a beautifully shot tale of unrequited love, perceived slights, jealousy, the results of acting out in passion and selfishness, and how people can end up when they aren't willing to move on. I also loved the aspect of forgiveness shown in the film that I basically have not seen in almost any other film. I can't really explain it fully, and I really need to rewatch it for more in-depth views, but it's a great movie. Gotta admit, it's thrilling to finally find a worthy 1929 film.