A View to a Kill ★★★½

Let's get the problems out of the way first. Mayday is hard to take seriously, and the song that starts the film didn't seem to fit its own choreography until its very last scene with the flame dancers (which was actually really cool). Otherwise the film seems fairly grounded in reality, starts off with amazing and terrifying stuntwork, is very reminiscent of the tone of the good Pierce Brosnan films, has an amazing score, locations and sets are gorgeous, and the cinematography is great, so why does this film get so much flak? Its true that there is not much of an overarching human condition question, it's a bit formulaic, and it breaks the Bond formula (a cardinal rule in Bond fandom), but this break with the irritating rape-face Bond is always refreshing when there are so many cheesy, terrible films that are lauded by Bond fans. I'll take the good and entertaining films that don't drown themselves in cheese; you can have the boring ones you call good cinema just because they portray the pompous windbag character more faithfully to your idea of who Bond is.

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