Aladdin ★★★★

It's so difficult to accurately quantify the feelings and thoughts I have surrounding this gem of my childhood. The first thing I notice as an adult is the near perfect marriage between 3D and conventional animation that makes everything jump out at you and feel real. Absolutely breathtaking artwork for the time. Robin Williams makes the film and is phenomenal, but it feels old hat to mention him at this point. The film itself though has a lot less in the way of themes than I would have liked from Disney. Everything in the film is achieved through trickery, even though the only theme that pops up is that you shouldn't lie, which is a bit of a contradiction. Jasmine is quick to jump to conclusions and is oblivious to the plight of her people, Jafar is obsessed with himself, admiration, and power, and Aladdin struggles to be honest about his true self because society won't really allow him to be who he is. These things are not all resolved in the film, and a number of situations could have been avoided with more pragmatic solutions, which leaves things more in a land of plot holes than you would expect. It's entertaining beyond all reason and a classic of animation, but fails to deliver on much other than action and being clever.