The Killing of a Sacred Deer ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

It was a film that made me think a lot, but I came away with very little and the ending was incredibly unsatisfying. The fact that the mother never showed symptoms was interesting, but seemed to go against the narrative of Martin having all of the powers he seemed to have. He ends up feeling more like a McGuffin than anything else because of this storytelling choice. The dynamics of the deadpan family was in a lot of ways reflective of real family and I absolutely loved Colin Farrell's outburst about crocodile teeth and pubes; that was hilarious. Killing the one child in no way recompenses Martin for the negligent death brought to his father, and it's why an eye for an eye does not work. The universe is not focused on a balancing act, it's focused on bringing about entropy, the opposite of the order that an eye for an eye would require. It's a beautiful score and great cinematography, but I was disappointed in the lack of explanation for most of the elements that pushed the plot and I disagree with the final outcome. You do not kill an innocent to save other innocents (the Watchmen idea) as this debases us and removes our humanity, and this is not the same as the moral dilemma of the Trolley problem. Pretty, but like most A24 films that I have seen, too auteur to come to any coherent narrative or follow any logical trail by the time the credits roll.

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