The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ★★★★★

It's difficult to overstate exactly how important this film has been to my love of film in general. It was one of the first modern epics that I had seen with the depth of storytelling, cinematic consideration, and scope that I could consider a benchmark to compare all other films to. Almost every individual character receives time and consideration for their personal development and we intimately care as the viewer about each character in a way that generally only a book is able to do with more than about 3 people. The film is full of symbolism and observations of the real world, and this continues into the rest of the trilogy because of Tolkien's focus within his novels. This is also one of the best fantasy book-to-film adaptations ever made, really only surpassed possibly by the other entries in the trilogy it is part of. Only in the past few years have I begun to appreciate the temptations of each character and was truly heartbroken while watching the fall of Boromir. It's interesting that as you watch it more the relationships within the film become part of the lore of your own world. I love this trilogy, I don't care how much of a normie that makes me.

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