The Mountain of the Lord ★★★★

The greatest weakness of the film is its humble roots as a cinematic outing, and its otherwise Hallmark-esque quality. Otherwise, the research put into the film, the score, and the look into the lives of these pioneers is very invigorating and engaging. It's staggering to think of the amount of sacrifice that was put into the building of this temple, and it's great that we have such a comprehensive record of its building through the personal daily journal of Wilford Woodruff. Even for the non-religious person, the fact that a building was built over the course of 40 years with granite out in the middle of nowhere that stands as an architectural wonder 130 years later really should put into perspective the dedication of these people to their belief in God and what they believe He asked of them. Even aside from that, it shows the strength of the human spirit.

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