The Return of Jafar ★★★

The source of all of The Return of Jafar's problems can be traced back to the terrible animation. The animation is so bad that it makes almost everything in the film hard to watch and at times painful to see. The film was pretty short so there wasn't much to see, but I did enjoy the musical numbers and the wit put on display by Gilbert Gottfried and Dan Castellaneta. All of the comparisons to Robin Williams are fairly unfair, and the film would have been fine without his voice talent if it just had a better animation budget, in my opinion. I do like the redemption of Iago since I think that most of us can change, even from fairly dark places and attitudes. I haven't seen this in a decade and never owned it, but I remember so much of the dialogue that it surprised me. Still gives me a number of laughs and is, despite its massive problems, underrated. Won't have to twist my arm to watch this one again.