Yes Man ★★★

It's weird how a film can have endearing characters and a fun premise, but still fails to wow because the main actor is so uninteresting to watch. I did appreciate that they removed the missionary tags for the film, I liked the fact that they addressed how living without making decisions is basically not living at all, and though I liked these aspects I disagreed with the films message that you can do any mix of jobs with no demand like the Allison character and still support yourself. Zooey is very lovable and has great chemistry, but it seems very one-sided. Carrey does not feel like his character at all, he is a very one-dimensional character as is, and really they could have picked from a ton of other actors and this would have been an entertaining formulaic film. It still is because of Zooey, the character Norm, and some of the situations of the movie, but it really fails to wow in the way that it should.