Todd Hill

I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am.

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  • Some Like It Hot
  • Five Easy Pieces
  • The Fabulous Baker Boys
  • Children of Men

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  • The Diary of Anne Frank


  • The Full Monty


  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


  • Oliver!


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  • The Diary of Anne Frank

    The Diary of Anne Frank


    It would be unseemly to say that I enjoyed watching this film, given its subject matter, based on a true story about a Jewish teenager who was killed in the Holocaust (along with almost her entire family) after hiding in an attic in Amsterdam for more than two years. I didn't enjoy watching it, because who does? But this was a really hard watch for me, and not for the reasons that should be critically acceptable.

    Yes, the movie is…

  • The Full Monty

    The Full Monty


    What does a male provider do when he can't provide anymore? Strip!

    That's the plot of this British comedy in its entirety, but I'm OK with that. The movie is short and sweet. When you've embarked on the Best Picture project, watching all the movies that have ever received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, you have to sit through a lot of ponderously themed films that take their time getting through their three-hour running time. But not here.


Popular reviews

  • 1917



    I didn't drink the Kool-Aid, and that made all the difference. I was aware of the hype surrounding this film -- oners! told in real time! -- but never really paid attention to it. The worst thing about film hype is that it leaves me going too far in the other direction ("Really? That's it?"). That's probably what happened to me with fellow Best Picture nominee "Parasite," for instance. But because I watched "1917" in a relatively hype-free environment, I…

  • Gone with the Wind

    Gone with the Wind

    We, as a society, cannot address our problems with race by hiding our problems with race. This movie is a specific example of that problem, and it should not be canceled by our indignant, easily outraged culture. I'm not here to defend the film. I fully respect anyone's desire to criticize the picture, ignore it, write it off the face of their own personal earth. But it should not be canceled.

    The problem with "GWTW," as I see it, isn't…