Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

A zombie heist movie sounds like all the right ingredients to be something awesome, especially when it’s from the same director who has made one of the best zombie remakes out there. While it’s a decent movie it’s mainly a huge missed opportunity. It has isomer funny and cool moments but c’mon, 148 minutes is unjustified long. Can’t Snyder have a decent editor? 90 Minutes are enough for stupid movies like this one. The setting in Las Vegas and the whole heist setup is cool, but the characters are too caricature, as if they were from a videogame. All in all, some cool moments, a dope opening, but also weird zombies (just give me the classical ones, and loose the alpha ones) some overproduced effects and missing a bit of dynamic action. Not a terrible watch, it’s entertaining, but it could’ve been shorter and intenser easily.

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