Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke ★★½

On one hand I have been enjoying all the splendor that Miyazaki has conjured up on the screen with this film. It all looks fantastic. Beautiful action scenes, strong soundtrack and in one way or another Miyazaki always draws you into his world. That is why I also had few problems with its runtime.

On the other hand: the story is very moralistic, but also messy, overloaded and busy. It mainly seems as if the makers were limping on about six thoughts. Are we making a fairytale? Or a serious drama about social conflict? Maybe an eco film? Or do we prefer mysticism and spirituality as a theme? As a result, this film is none of them. 

The plot still starts well, but new plot elements are added that replace the old ones, so that a clear structure is no longer possible. The characters remain flat, and it even seems that people did not dare to choose here either; everyone actually has the best of intentions and the conflict is purely based on misunderstandings. The ending makes it undeniably (too) sweet, but too late to save it. 

Miyazaki has made better ones in my opinion.

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