Tenet ★★★

Entertaining and decent flick by Nolan. It’s typically a Nolan movie, and maybe his most ‘Nolan’ movie out there. Making things hard to understand just for the sake of it. First half was easy to follow, but lost it completely in the second half. Watched a explaining video after it and it wasn’t that hard to understand after all.

My main problem isn’t that the movie is hard to understand, actually I think the plot (although messy at times) is interesting and the whole inversion thing is quite cool. It’s mostly emotionless, Debicki’s character is supposed to bring in some emotion but fails on that part, mostly because her and all the characters are just shallow.

Other than that I can’t lie that the action was pretty cool, with a exception for the last part that was again, just too much and lacked intensity. The soundtrack, although being very bombastic, sounded tight, loud and well placed. It’s a decent movie that is mostly saved by the inversion and action scenes.

Skrt skrt, in a vert, skrt skrt

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